viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014


Once it was said that music makes the world go ‘round. This premise has been proven right through the ages and it’ll transcend until the time lasts. All of us are related to music in some way, whether we like it or not. Even though music may not be an essential thing in your life, it’ll be present everywhere you go and you’ll have to cope with all the consequences it brings. You go to the movies: music’s there; you turn on your TV: it’s there; your cell phone rings up: guess what, that’s music. On the one hand, we can’t get away from it, but on the other hand, most of us don’t even want to escape from such a sublime art. Either way, no one could deny the power music holds and its numerous effects working on us.

But music is not only about sounds, rhythms or beats rumbling in your head. It all goes further still than that. The benefits this art brings to your intellectual performance surpass way beyond almost any other type of artistic expression, simply because your brain has to carry on multiple processes which can only be triggered by this blend of chords, lyrics, drum beats and mental landscapes that boosts brain's activity.

So, how could we get the best out of this information? Well, it all depends on the way you’re going to use it, however, music can help us to improve our fulfillment of every day’s chores. For instance: Let’s picture yourself going through an awful day thanks to traffic, public transportation, stressful teachers, bosses, mums, dads, girlfriends, boyfriends… .  Studies have shown that listening to your favorite music, with an already preconceived chill-out mindset, will create an input in your mind with this conviction attached to it so you can deal with any kind of situation in a soothing way and as a consequence, you begin to see everyone else the way your mood is: you’re happy, so are the others.

Some of us love feeling our bodies being shaken by the low-toned waves crashing against us produced by the bass guitar or any other type of instrument. What most of us ignore is the fact that every wave that comes out from the speakers has a deep impact in our bodies. It is proven that deep sounds at a low volume relax your muscles as well as high-pitched sounds will make you feel colder than what you really are. So, playing instrumental music, for example, in a mid-range volume is the most suitable way of enjoying it whilst studying or working. While listening to music in an average level, your brain will process abstract data faster and more accurately besides the increase in your creativity skills.

Among many more advantages, there’s a very special one: healing. This is not a fully developed theory yet, but it’s been used all around the globe with great success. It’s not that listening to Jay-Z or Beyoncé is going to make your sudden-scared illness to hit the road, instead, your favorite tunes, teamed up with the innate chemicals all over your body, sponsored by various commands coming out of your brain, are going to help out any type of medication or treatment you’re taking to make it work much easier and this my friends, is a fact.

As a closure and needless to say, whether music’s meaningful to you or not, it is a powerful tool you can use based on your own criteria. You can make it your closest friend or your worst enemy, although if you’ve been following this writing closely, you already know that music can’t be anyone’s foe but a great companion. Have you ever tried to play one of your favorite songs in your Ipad, mobile, MP3 player or whatever it is with your headphones on, eyes shut, closed-door room and do some air guitar or air drumming? You’ve got to do it. Let your brain and body but above all your soul, enjoy the benefits and joy of having music as one of your best fellas.

Written by: Felipe La Serna.